About us

Since 1977 The Roy Houff Company’s goal has been to provide our customers with the best available flower and floral products with superior service.

At each of our 8 locations, we employ driven and dedicated individuals who share these beliefs and work in tandem towards achieving this goal. We understand the importance of Care and Handling from the moment your flowers are harvested to the time they are sitting in your customer’s homes.

Looking for variety? We have the selection you are looking for. We search the world to bring you the highest quality flowers and greens from Holland to Hawaii, from South America to New Zealand, from California to Florida. If they grow it we probably have it, or know just where to find it. Novelty and unusual flowers are just one of our specialties, along with the flowers you use every day. One look at our coolers, and you will see for yourself.

We carry a full line of floral supplies from the manufacturers that you use every day, as well as unique items. Our professional salepeople are prepared to help you with your everyday business, as well as large or small events.